May 25, 2018


In compliance with the European Privacy Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation), Galletti S.p.A. would like to inform you herewith of what has been adopted regarding the processing and protection of your data.

Data Controller

The Data Controller is Galletti S.p.A., whose registered office is located at Via Romagnoli 12/a, 40010 Bentivoglio (BO), Italy.
Any requests for information and/or clarifications regarding data processing may be made by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Source of data subject to processing

Galletti S.p.A. processes the following data in hard copy or in electronic form in accordance with this privacy policy:

  • for contractual purposes: the personal data and identifying data provided by the contact person who will interface with our company
  • for marketing purposes: the personal data obtained at the time of:

a)     registration of an account on the company website

b)    request made on the company website for information and assistance

c)    registration at the company desk during industry trade shows, technical seminars, and internal or external events in general.

Only in the case of registration on the company website in order to send your résumé may further personal data and information regarding related professional experience be requested.


Data processing methods

The User’s personal data is processed with the aid of electronic and/or paper means and is protected by appropriate security measures to prevent data loss, illegal or improper use, and unauthorized access. At Galletti S.p.A. the data will be kept only by specifically designated persons in charge of data processing.


Purposes of the processing

Purposes related to the contractual relationship between the Customer/Supplier and the Company

The purposes relating to the contractual relationship, where relevant, involve processing in relation to recording personal data in the administrative/accounting enterprise resource planning application such as accounting and cash management, as well as billing (for example, the verification and recording of invoices), in compliance with the provisions of current legislation.

a) Execution of the contractual services detailed in the contract signed between the Parties

b) Implementation of administrative/accounting obligations (including regulatory obligations).

Processing carried out with the aid of paper/IT tools does not require the use of automated decision-making processes.

Marketing purposes

a) to allow the User to register on the Company Website by creating a personal account and using the services made available through the Website

b) to allow the User to receive, upon request, information on products or specific assistance on technical issues

c) to send via e-mail technical focuses, presentations, invitations to events, newsletters, and commercial communications regarding the products or services of Galletti S.p.A.

Recruiting purposes

a) in the case of sending a résumé, to allow the User to be part of the group of candidates that will be taken into consideration for any open job positions


Legal basis for the processing

The legal basis for the processing for the purposes relating to the contractual relationship is the pursuit of the data controller’s legitimate interests.

The legal basis for the processing for other purposes is the User’s consent.


Provision of data

Providing data is optional, but necessary for achieving the purposes mentioned above.
In the case of a supply relationship request, the non-availability of such data will prevent the fulfillment of the above obligations or the administrative and accounting management of the relationship.


Data communication and scope of dissemination

For contractual purposes the data may be disclosed to the following categories of entities used by Galletti S.p.A. to perform certain activities regarding the supply of its services: Accounting firm, for accounting/tax requirements; banks, for payments; public administration, for communications that are mandatory by law; travel agencies or hotels in case of visits to the plant; service companies (including IT services) that are entrusted with specific management relating to contractual obligations.

For marketing purposes the User’s data may be disclosed to data entry companies for the end purpose of statistical research and/or promotional initiatives promoted directly by Galletti, even via e-mail. Their personal data will not be disseminated or disclosed to unappointed third parties.  It is also possible that persons in charge of performing maintenance operations for the company website will also occasionally be appointed.

Retention period

The data will be kept for the time necessary to achieve the contractual purposes and in compliance with the law.
For marketing purposes in relation to the different types of processing carried out, Galletti S.p.A. may retain the data for the purposes described above, as long as the User does not explicitly request its deletion.

Sending data abroad

For contractual purposes the data may be sent to the Galletti S.p.A. branches abroad only in relation to the existence of a supply contract both with the parent company and with the branch.

For marketing purposes the data of users who, at the time of registration, indicated that they reside abroad may be sent to the branches of Galletti S.p.A. abroad or to its foreign distributors for the sole purposes indicated in the specific paragraph above.
The data may be sent to the branches of Galletti S.p.A. abroad or to its foreign distributors in the event that the user, by filling out the appropriate form on the website, expressly requested information or assistance directly from these foreign companies.

Changes and updates

This policy is valid from the date indicated in its header. Galletti S.p.A. may also make changes and/or additions to said policy, also as a consequence of any subsequent regulatory amendments to the Privacy Regulations. Advance notification of the changes will be given, and you will be able to view the text of the constantly updated policy at the link


Rights of the data subject

It is recognized and guaranteed that you have the full right: to ask the Data Controller access to personal data and to rectify or delete it or to limit its processing or to oppose its processing, in addition to your right to data portability. This right can be exercised by sending an e-mail to

The Data Controller will stop the processing at the moment in which they receive notice from you of revocation of your previously expressed consent to processing.


Complaints to the Supervisory Authority

The data subject has the right to submit a complaint to the Supervisory Authority in the event that their requests for information addressed to the Data Controller have not yielded satisfactory replies.

The relevant authority is the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data: