ESTRO FFi 1 - 8 kW

FFi ESTRO fan coil units, with BLDC motor with electronic switching system, vertical or horizontal recess mounting, front air intake.

2-pipe system

4-pipe system

Horizontal installation

Vertical installation

Brushless motor

ERGO Supervision

Centrifugal fan

Available versions

  • 14 models
  • Heat exchanger up to 4 rows
  • 2 and 4 pipe systems
  • Incorporable ioniser
  • BLDC Motor
  • Can be integrated into ERGO

Product advantages

  • Eurovent certification
  • Steel/ABS cabinet
  • Double water drip tray
  • Reversible water connections
  • ABS centrifugal fans
  • Modulating operation
  • Low energy consumption

Technical specifications

ESTRO is the most complete range of fan coil units on the market. For the ESTRO project we selected top quality materials which, together with the great care and attention dedicated to the assembly of the main constructive components, make the ESTRO fan coil units highly reliable from a performance standpoint while minimising noise levels.

Base unit in thick galvanised sheet steel insulated with class 1 self-extinguishing panels, complete with double water drip tray. High efficiency heat exchanger made with copper piping and aluminium fins. Double suction centrifugal fans manufactured from anti-static ABS, with blades having an airfoil section and offset modules. Electric motor with BLDC electronic switching system (brushless), mounted on vibration damping couplings. The unit is equipped with an inverter board to control the motor, that makes it possible to precisely set the maximum rotation speed of the motor (control signal 0-10 V). Washable air filter, easily removable for maintenance operations. Control panels available as accessory.

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Related accessories

Additional heat exchanger for 4-pipe systems

DF - 1-row additional heat exchanger for 4-pipe systems (not suitable for “M” models)

Auxiliary drip tray, insulating shell and drain pump

BH - Auxiliary water drip tray for horizontal installation fan coil units

GIVK - Insulating shell for VK1S valve

KSC - Condensate drain kit

BV - Auxiliary water drip tray for vertical installation fan coil units


RA90CG - Angular inlet connector

RAD - Straight inlet connector

RADCG - Air inlet plenum with circular collars

RM90CG - Angular outlet insulated connector

RMCDCAC - Air outlet plenum with circular collars

RMDCG - Straight outlet insulated connector


GE+C - Aluminium external air intake grille, with subframe

GEF+C - Aluminium external air intake grille, with subframe and air filter

GM+C - Aluminium air outlet grille with 2-row fins and subframe

RGCCD - Plenum with circular collars for air outlet grille

Heating elements

RE - Heating element with installation kit, relay box and safety devices

Microprocessor control panel

DIST - MYCOMFORT controller spacer for wall mounting

EVO - Electronic microprocessor controller with remote user interface

TED 10 - Electronic controller for BLDC fan equipped with inverter and ON/OFF valves 230 V

MCSUE - Remote humidity sensor for MEDIUM and LARGE versions

MCSWE - Water sensor for EVO, MYCOMFORT and LED503 controller

MYCOMFORT LARGE - Electronic microprocessor controller, large version

TED SWA - Air or water temperature probe for TED controllers

Power interface and fresh air intake control panels

CSD - Recess mounted controller for opening and closing the SM motordriven regulating louver

Software and connection

ERGO - Supervision software for air conditioning systems


VKS (Estro - Flat) - 3-way valve, 230V actuator ON/OFF, completed hydraulic kit

KV2 (Estro - Flat - 2x1 - Ductimax) - 2-way valve, 230V actuator ON/OFF, completed hydraulic kit

VKMS (Estro - Flat) - 3-way valve, modulating actuator, completed hydraulic kit

KVM2 (Estro - Flat - 2x1 - Ductimax) - 2-way valve, modulating actuator, completed hydraulic kit

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Monitoring system with touch screen display

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Electronic microprocessor controller with LCD display

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Microprocessor control with LCD display, wall mounting and onboard mounting.

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