Microprocessor control with LCD display remote user interface.

BUS communication

External devices management

ERGO Supervision

Available versions

  • LCD display
  • Wall-mounted user interface
  • Fan coil on-board power unit

Product advantages

  • Automatic ventilation
  • Valve control
  • Electric heater control
  • Air temperature reading
  • Water temperature reading
  • Humidity reading
  • 3 digital inputs
  • 1 digital output
  • 3 analogue outputs
  • 2 Serial ports
  • Master/Slave

Technical specifications

The evolution of Galletti microprocessor controllers has now led to a common platform for all “comfort” products in the Galletti catalogue, resulting in refined strategies for controlling and adjusting indoor units and minimizing the cost and impact of installation thanks to the design, as the user interface is separated from the power components. The EVO controller has been designed to govern the operation of Galletti indoor units with single-phase multispeed asynchronous motor or to be coupled to an inverter for fan speed modulation (BLDC).


- Air temperature adjustment through automatic step regulation of fan speed or by modulating the fan speed.

- Regulation of air temperature via fan on-off control (fan runs at a fixed speed)

- Control of On-Off or modulating valves for two or four-pipe systems

- Control of heating element for auxiliary heating

Cooling/heating switching in the following modes:

- Manual, on the unit

- Remote, manual (centralised)

- Automatic, depending on water temperature

- Automatic, depending on air temperature

- Dehumidify function

- Serial Communication Hourly programming operation

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Software and connection

ERGO - Supervision software for air conditioning systems