Simplified electronic controller

2-pipe system

4-pipe system

Available versions

  • TED 2T
  • TED 4T
  • TED 10

Product advantages

  • User friendly
  • Valve management
  • Water temperature measuring
  • Wall mounted or on-board installation
  • Management of indoor units with BLDC motor (TED10 version only)
  • Automatic ventilation (TED10 version only)
  • Three versions depending on the type of installation and indoor unit

Technical specifications

The need to simply and effectively control the hydronic indoor units is fully met by the new series of TED electronic controls. Three different versions represent Galletti's response to the different system and motor-drive requirements of the unit. The main strength is, in fact, the extreme versatility of the series, which is capable of controlling 2- or 4-pipe systems, units with an ON/OFF or BLDC motor, and of always allowing installation on the unit or wall mounting.

In addition to its adaptability, extreme importance has been given to its ease of use: the configuration and setting of the control have been specifically designed to be extremely intuitive.

In any case, the simplicity of the control is based on solid adjustment logics, guaranteed by the precision of the integrated electronic microprocessor, which, together with the extremely advantageous positioning, make the series an advantageous alternative for adjustment.

TED 2T: this is the version dedicated to units equipped with a single heat exchange coil (2-pipe systems). In addition to the management of the inlet valve on the finned coil, it allows the management of the water circuit based on temperature. 

TED 4T: this is the version dedicated to units equipped with a dual heat exchange coil (4-pipe system). In addition to the management of the two seasonal valves and the management of the water circuit enabling, seasonal switching can also be performed automatically based on the air temperature.

TED 10: this is the version dedicated to units equipped with an electric BLDC inverter motor (for both 2- and 4-pipe systems). This version, in addition to the features of the previous versions, is equipped with an internal generator of the 0-10 V modulating signal to be sent to the inverter and allows an automatic ventilation management mode.

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