Jonix Sanitizing Device 1-30 kW

Air sanitizing system treated with JONIX "Non Thermal Plasma" NTP technology

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Product advantages

  • low power consumption
  • minimal operating costs

Technical specifications

Galletti promotes the importance of air sanitising and extends the combination of JONIX technology to a number of products.Air pollution in confined spaces has always been a serious public health problem, with significant social and economic implications and, in the current critical situation, the issue of indoor air sanitising plays a very important role.



Among the solutions currently available on the market, NTP (Non-Thermal Plasma) technology is considered one of the most effective and safe due to its ability to oxidise and break down pollutants and reduce bacteria, moulds, viruses, and odours.

JONIX, a partner company of the Galletti Group, has developed NTP technology on its products, for years raising awareness and promoting the importance of air sanitising in indoor environments with stand-alone products or products integrated with air conditioning systems.

Jonix NTP generators promote the controlled formation of ionic species (electrically charged particles) in the air, by means of an electric field that simulates normally occurring natural processes such as solar radiation, atmospheric events, or other events.

It has been historically and scientifically proven that the specific ionic species created are of benefit to humans, especially those with a negative charge (formed by atoms or molecules that receive an electron).

The device's key features are:

• High efficiency: JONIX™ devices are able to eliminate up to 99% of microbes, viruses, and volatile organic compounds compared to their initial concentration.

• Low power consumption.

• Strong deodorising action: it combats odours generated from smoking, cooking food, animals, footwear, sportswear, etc., to give the room an intense smell of fresh air.

• Natural process: it does not use or produce chemicals.

The ionising units used are next-generation, characterised by high efficiency and selectivity: they do not produce any significant increase of unwanted by-products such as ozone or nitrous compounds in irritating or even toxic quantities.



Galletti’s DUCTIMAX, PWN, and UTN series ducted units use JONIX NTP technology to sanitise the flowing air, to carry out the microbial decontamination of the internal surfaces of the units, filters, and condensing coils, and to prevent the development of legionella in the condensate collection tanks. The devices are sized according to their intended use, the air flow rate, and the category of pollutants to be treated.

They are installed in special plenums located on the air intake or outlet and managed by the EVO controller to maximise their effects on the fan coil unit, on the ducts, and on the flowing air.

Its electronics communicate the operating status to the EVOBOARD circuit board, indicating any malfunctions or scheduled maintenance needs.

The JONIX INSIDE device, now installed on the ESTRO and FLAT fan coils, prevents the formation of chemical and biological contaminants (mould, bacteria, and legionella) on the internal surfaces and in the flowing air. Sanitising takes place continuously, thus preventing dust deposits from becoming the ideal medium for the development of mould and bacteria.

The EVO controller manages the combined operation of fan coil unit and devices to maximise the sanitizing effect of the fan coil unit in the main components such as coil, condensate collection tray, and air filter.

The JONIX sanitising system boasts certification of prestigious brands for its compliance with safety and efficiency regulations.


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