MPE 4 - 76 kW

Water chilling package and heat pumps, air condensation; outdoor installation

Cooling / Heating

Rotary compressor

Scroll compressor

Packaged unit

R-410A refrigerant


Axial fan

Available versions

  • 25 models
  • Cooling only
  • Heat pump
  • Low noise execution
  • Ducted execution
  • Floor pack

Product advantages

  • Eurovent certification
  • Tax relief for heat pumps
  • 1 cooling circuit
  • 1 or 2 compressors
  • Incorporated hydronic unit
  • Dynamic setpoint

Technical specifications

MPE water chillers and heat pumps are designed for outdoor installation in both residential and industrial applications.

The range uses R410A refrigerant, which assures high levels of performance with relatively low energy consumption and features 25 models in the chiller and heat pump version, with cooling capacities ranging from 4 to 76 kW and heating capacities from 5 to 85 kW.

BEYOND CONVENTIONAL WORKING LIMITS The finned block heat exchangers have been optimised for R410A and use 8 mm copper pipes, which permit a better heat exchange and quiet operation of the fans. Their generous sizing guarantees the production of chilled water even with outdoor air temperatures as high as 51°C.

EFFICIENCY IN ALL CONDITIONS The actual thermal load of an air conditioning system is less than 60% of the rated load capacity 90% of the time; the MPE T version with single-circuit dual compressor answers this demand by offering high efficiency during operation under partial load conditions (ESEER>4) and also guarantees the unit's operation at the worst temperature conditions. In such conditions the microprocessor controller activates the capacity control mode, doubling the condensing surface available to the single compressor.

SELF-ADAPTIVE CONTROL SYSTEM The electronic control system allows the setpoint to be adjusted automatically according to the outdoor temperature in order to reduce consumption and broaden the working temperature range. The unit can also function in systems with a low water content, even without the use of a water buffer tank, thanks to the automatic adjustment which limits the number of compressor starts and thus extends the life of the compressors themselves.

SMART DEFROST SYSTEM The exclusive defrost system (optional feature available with the advanced controller) can correctly identify an impairment of performance in the outdoor exchanger due to the formation of ice and minimise the process time in relation to normal operation of the unit.

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