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TOYOTA Material Handling

Implementation of the new GARDA web-based supervision system, recently updated to its version 2.0.

The client's need was to have a centralized monitoring and supervision system with a web-responsive structure of the pages that would facilitate the consultation of information even from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones without the need to install applications, at the complete disposal of the customer 24/7.

The system was efficiently built with a single GARDA web server, 4 nodes, mounted in several buildings to control over 70 already existing Galletti terminals. In this case, the GARDA system communicates with all the master Fan Coils through the nodes, which in turn communicate with the slave terminals through a classic system of conveyed waves.

The GARDA supervision system is both powerful and scalable, but also extremely intuitive in its daily management.

Bologna, Italy

Estudio de caso y soluciones técnicas utilizadas:
GARDA supervision software for efficient and intuitive remote management of your system