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Ratamo Center, Kouvola

The Ratamo Center is a significant part of Kouvola's network health services, which will support the integration of social services, healthcare, basic healthcare and specialised hospital care. All this strongly contributes to the achievement of the national development goals for social and health services.

The modern and spatial design, which is spread over a GFA of more than 20,000 square meters, customer-driven and allows for the customer’s role as an active participant in the project.

One of the unique features of the Ratamo Center consists in its great flexibility of many of its interior spaces, so that they can be expanded when new needs arise or in the event of particular operations or emergencies.

In the future, semi-autonomous housing structures may be built on the property, assisted and supported directly by the Center itself.

For the well-being of all the guests of the structure, the client opted for 3 indoor water-water units with high seasonal efficiency WRE, of 457 kW each, a LEW with R134a of 180 kW, 125 Acqvaria BLDC cassettes, Estro and UTN.

Kouvola, Finland

Estudio de caso y soluciones técnicas utilizadas:
Three 457kW WRE, one R134a LEW of 180 kW, 125 Acqvaria BLDC cassettes for the comfort of the guests of an avant-garde hospital center