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Willebroek campus - AZ Rivierenmand hospital

The Willebroek campus of the AZ Rivierenmand hospital only hosts daytime activities and during the efficiency and renovation process this aspect was also taken into account to create a new building with reduced dimensions and significantly lower consumption.


During the implementation of the energy redevelopment project of the structure, it was decided to demolish the building to make way for a new, more compact and efficient construction.
A second part of the building, resulting superfluous, was then eliminated to make way for a green area.
In addition to the hospital activities, the new low-consumption and low environmental impact building will also house a nursery school.


The client was also looking for efficient and silent water chillers, and found a solution in the WRE range by Galletti, consisting of water-cooled monobloc units for indoor installation with high seasonal efficiency and 3 different acoustic configurations to also guarantee acoustic comfort at the interior of the structure.

Willebroek, Belgium

Estudio de caso y soluciones técnicas utilizadas:
2x WRE132CLG