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An important reference that saw the main players of the Galletti Group involved in synergy:

- GALLETTI with the supply of about 700 inverter fan coils mod. ESTRO FL DF (4 pipes) complete with independent pressure valve (already mounted on board) and regulation with MYCOMFORT LARGE.

- CETRA for 4 AHUs complete with regulation with air flows from 17000 to 23000 mc / h.
The AHUs have a hydronic coil heat recovery system with separate extraction and delivery sections.

- HIREF for 2 multipurpose heat pumps mod. MSA486PS with about 480 kW refrigerators.


In particular, an ad hoc configuration has been studied for the fan coils as regards the internal piping of the valves and a customized software for the MYCOMFORT control which, as requested by the client, had to provide, during the cooling phase, washing cycles of the air with programmed fan switch-ons. The request for configuration of these parameters had been very complex but the internal Software Development Team was able to implement the correct strategy to allow the units to always work in the correct working point.

Roma, Italy

Estudio de caso y soluciones técnicas utilizadas:
Galletti GROUP job for a complete supply of Fancoil, AHU and heat pumps