Galletti's control systems for hydronic indoor units

Galletti incontra Associazione Meccanica

Pubblication date: 2018-07-05

The offer of controllers and supervision systems has always been an important topic. Galletti wants to become a real reference player on the market thanks to its competence and its internal software development. The first purpose for Galletti is designing some easy, clear and high added value tools available for every user. In order to make this, a new sale brochure about the hydronic units’ controllers has been made.

This brochure is available in three different languages.In this document, all functionalities and couplings to the different series are explained clearly, with a division among electromechanical, electronic and supervision controllers. A lot of attention has been paid to the accessories that is possible to propose together with the controllers, that allow you to amplify the functionalities. The final part is constituted of a small summary about the significance of some specific terms used on the brochure and a small guide of the world of fan coils adjustment.