Galletti-Installationen weltweit


Krankenhaus Rivierenland – Campus Willebroek

Willebroek, Belgium

2x WRE132CLG

Krankenhauszentrum von Ratamo

Kouvola, Finland

Three 457kW WRE, one R134a LEW of 180 kW, 125 Acqvaria BLDC cassettes for the comfort of the guests of an avant-garde hospital center

TOYOTA Material Handling

Bologna, Italy

GARDA supervision software for efficient and intuitive remote management of your system

Hopwood Park Motorway Services

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Low GWP renovation with a VLE414CS R454b, proposed as a turnkey solution

Energetische Sanierung des Quirinalspalastes

Rome, Italy

ESTRO for the protection over time of the wall frescoes and valuable coatings present in the rooms

BroUpkot in Ghent

Ghent, Belgium

388 Art-U in one fo the most unique student house of Belgium

Astir Odysseus Kos, Erholungsort und Spa

Kos, Greece

HIWARM with DHW circuit in total recovery and air conditioning circuit for powering the ESTRO fancoils

TAG - Talent Garden Ostiense

Roma, Italia

Where innovation lives, we cool and heat!

Agenzia delle Entrate [Finanzamt]

Rome, Italy

Synergy between Galletti and CETRA, 313 ESTROs and 8 UTAs

Nationalbank von Nordmazedonien

Skopje, North Macedonia

1,2 MW installation with 3 multiscroll heatpumps LSE416HL

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

Budapest, Hungary

System of numerous Fancoils which guarantees reliability and efficiency

Saccharum Hotel, Erholungsort und SPA

Madeira, Portugal

LCX in a silenced version for reliability and discretion

Hilton Cabo Verde – Ilha do Sal

Ilha do Sal, Cabo Verde

MPE and HPS for heating in Low-noise version

Ungarische nationale Polizei (ORFK) - Hauptquartier

Budapest, Ungheria

Replacement and efficiency of the climatization systems thanks to ESTRO fan coils and PWN ductable units

Bürogebäude in Rom

Roma, Italy

Galletti GROUP job for a complete supply of Fancoil, AHU and heat pumps

Hotel Diplomat

Prague, Czech Republic

IPER-efficiency installation with V-IPER 386 CS and one LSE

Hauptquartier der ungarischen Nationalen Verkehrsbehörde

Budapest, Hungary

Cooling and airconditioning the office building with compact outdoor chillers, total 460 kW cooling capacity

NABA Rom – Neue Akademie der Schönen Künste

Rome, Italy

133 Water Cassettes and CETRA AHU


Budapest, Hungary

Cooling the hydronic system of the Bank office building with LCE214CQ super low noise compact chiller near to the Parlament of Hungary

OTP Bank - Hauptsitz

Budapest, Hungary

Cooling offices and technical rooms, producing domestic hot water, 710 kW of cooling demand

Papierfabrik - Erwärmung und Abkühlung von Prozessen

Dunaújváros, Hungary

Colling and heating the production area with AREO fan-heaters and glycol cooling with an LCE364CS chiller

Biologisches Forschungszentrum - Ungarische Akademie der Wissenschaften

Szeged, Hungary

Laser machines cooling and greenhouse thermoregulation.

COLOPLAST - Herstellung von Medizingeräten

Tata, Hungary

Industrial plant airconditioning and cooling of this medical device manufacturer with MPE040C compact chillers and ESTROs, IWCs, PWN fan-coils

Flughafen Budapest – Remote-Kontrollturm

Budapest, Hungary

Air traffic control system cooling, LED control displays cooling

Hotel Callas in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Room cooling and heating with recess mounted ESTRO Fancoils

Regoplast – Kunststofffabrik

Jászjákóhalma, Ungheria

2400 kW cooling capacity with 2 LSE chiller units producing technology cooling water.

Sporthalle Kaposvár Aréna

Kaposvár, Ungheria

LSE 1072CL low noise, Fancoils ESTRO, Water Cassettes IWC e AHUs

FACC Operations GmbH

Lienz, Austria

Plant cooling with one LSE and two R513A LVEA with screw compressors, for a total capacity of 3251 kW


Frankfurt, Germany

2 Galletti LSE1072CS, 12 Bitzer scroll compressors / 4 circuits, Carel PCO5 controller with NCS software

Ukrainian Catholic University

Leopoli, Ukraine

Library and classrooms energy saving and compliance with client requests

Mivex - Verwaltungsbüro

Čačak, Serbia

Cooling and heating over 5100 square meters of offices using fancoil units ESTRO FL with ERGO solution.

De Roodloop - Multifunktionales Sportzentrum

Hilvarenbeek, Nederland

Super Low noise levels on every machine were required as the sportcenter is situated in a residential area

Het Voortouw - Grundschule

Etten-Leur, Netherland

Replacement of 2 Heatpumps working for floor heating together with an existing central heating system for airhandlers.

Jo Gerrishal - Sportzentrum

Maasniel, Netherlands

Compact and Super Low noise chiller for a sportshall

Aartsen Fruit

Breda, Nederland

Investigation of the positioning of the unit behind the louvre wall and low noise level were the challanges in this project.

SIGMA-TAU - Pharmazeutisches Unternehmen

Roma, Italy

2 MTE condensing units were installed to cool the AHU coils

Einkaufszentrum von NEPI

Nepi, Italy

LCE for the air conditioning system of the shoppin centre in Nepi

Palazzo Braschi - Museo di Roma

Rome, Italy

Galletti for the Rome Museum in Braschi Palace

Energetische Sanierung von Autogrill


Galletti for the energy requalification of the Italy Autogrill place

Palazzo Pizzardi

Bologna, Italy

Special attention to sound emissions with ESTRO