Centralized multi-platform monitoring system

Web-server device


Auto-scanning procedure

BUS communication

Time schedules

External devices management

Zone Management

Available versions

  • Web server
  • Conversion network node for Garda

Product advantages

  • Advanced zone management
  • Monitoring of heat pumps and multi-purpose units
  • Management of external devices
  • Programming
  • Indoor unit auto-scanning procedure
  • Multi-platform accessibility

Technical specifications

Garda, Galletti’s new web-server and web-based monitoring system, was developed to make information on the operation of a building’s air conditioning system easier to use.

With Garda, multi-platform access is achieved: the web-responsive structure of the pages facilitates the consulting of information, even from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, without the need to install applications and at the complete disposal of the user 24 hours a day.

The intuitive graphics and vertical access to information combine ease of use with versatility of control, thus ensuring excellent usability and efficiency. The advanced programming functions, zone management, and possibility of monitoring the history of the main variables allow advanced management of the system, providing information for the reduction of operating costs.

Scalable and simplified architecture:

To carry out its control action, Garda relies partly on the existing Ethernet network of the building where the system to be monitored resides and partly on small data networks on RS485 that are based on a variable number of nodes. This network structure is optimal to save on installation costs and to minimize the possible interference in data transmission.

Multi-platform remote access:

Access to the Garda software platform is via a browser. This feature allows the user to reach the software from any device connected to the network on which the system resides. The web-responsive feature of the web pages facilitates the use of information even from tablets and smartphones.

Adaptability to any structure  

Garda was developed mainly for hotels, business centers, offices, and residential areas, but thanks to its extreme adaptability, it can also be used to control alternative structures.

Automatic configuration procedure:

The system is equipped with a simple automated initial configuration procedure. The user is guided step by step in entering the necessary configuration parameters, and an automatic scanning system independently detects the nodes and devices connected to the network.

Access hierarchy:

Garda has two categories of users with different hierarchies of access to information. It is therefore possible to prevent unwanted changes to the most important operating parameters by personnel with little experience with the system.

Compatibility with Galletti products:

Garda includes in its database the management of electronic controls for Galletti fan coils and the main series of chillers / heat pumps / multi-purpose units.

Management of external devices:

Thanks to the EVOEXP expansion modules, up to 7 contacts are available for the management of devices not directly managed by the system, such as circulation pumps, zone valves, and other system elements. These contacts can be associated with time bands.

Zone control logic: each fan coil unit can be associated with logical containers that allow you to control multiple units in the same way, set the same time bands, and view average operating values.

Supervised freedom: each zone or fan coil unit can be associated with a different degree of freedom, which defines the settings to be made by the supervisor software and those that can be modified on site by the user.

Advanced time band management: each zone containing fan coils can be associated with a different weekly time band. It is possible to assign dedicated time bands to chillers, heat pumps, and multi-purpose units linked to the opening/closing of a single contact on the EVOEXP expansion board.

Vertical access to information: subsequent screens allow access to increasingly detailed information on device operation. Convenient summary screens provide an overview by zone and of the system as a whole. The communication status between the system and the devices is confirmed by the interface.

System graphics: Garda stores the information related to the operation of the devices connected to it, making them usable through graphics with different time scales. In this manner it is possible to monitor the effectiveness of the adjustment action and make changes in case of need or in order to reduce the operating costs of the system.

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