IWCi 2.6 - 9.9 kW

IWCi Hydronic cassette fan coils, with BLDC motor with electronic switching system, false ceiling installation, incorporated condensate drainage pump, IR remote controller

2-pipe system

4-pipe system

False ceiling mounting

Brushless motor

ERGO Supervision

Centrifugal fan

Available versions

  • 6 models
  • 2 and 4 pipe systems
  • Incorporable ioniser
  • BLDC motor
  • Can be integrated into ERGO

Product advantages

  • Eurovent certification
  • ABS grille
  • Centrifugal fan with backward-curving blades
  • Condensate drainage pump
  • Windchill on humidity reading function
  • Modulating operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Extremely quiet operation

Technical specifications

The new range of IWCi hydronic cassette units is the result of Galletti’s experience in designing and manufacturing indoor hydronic units and innovative systems as well as adjustment concepts, as BLDC inverter technology, humidity reading and regulation of air temperature based on windchill.

The unit’s bearing structure is made from galvanised steel sheet, externally and internally insulated with heat and soundproofing material. Centrifugal fan with backward-curving blades. The blades are designed for very low-noise and efficient operation also at slow speed. Electric motor with BLDC electronic switching system (brushless) with built-in inverter. High efficiency heat exchanger made with copper piping and aluminium fins.

Plastic water drip tray moulded directly inside the polystyrene air directing structure. Condensate drainage pump complete with float and a level switch. Air intake and outlet polystyrene panel, RAL 9001 colour, preformed high density polystyrene foam air passages complete with air suction grid, a washable polypropylene filter and adjustable air outlet fins.

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Microprocessor control panel

DIST - MYCOMFORT controller spacer for wall mounting

EVO - Electronic microprocessor controller with remote user interface

MCSWE - Water sensor for EVO, MYCOMFORT and LED503 controller

MCSUE - Remote humidity sensor for MEDIUM and LARGE versions

MYCOMFORT LARGE - Electronic microprocessor controller, large version


VKM2-VKM3 (IWC) - 2/3-way valve, modulating actuator, completed hydraulic kit for IWC

VK2-VK3 (IWC) - 2/3-way valve, 230V actuator ON/OFF, completed hydraulic kit for IWC

4KM3V (IWC) - Kit for 4-pipe systems composed of a 4x2 motor driven modulanting actuator and plumbing kit for models with 1 heat exchanger

4K3V (IWC) - Kit for 4-pipe systems composed of a 4x2 motor driven ON/OFF actuator and plumbing kit for models with 1 heat exchanger