LER 42 - 420 kW

Motor driven evaporating units, indoor installation

Scroll compressor

Split version

R-410A refrigerant


Available versions

  • 19 models
  • cooling only
  • standard execution
  • low noise execution

Product advantages

  • 1 or 2 cooling circuits
  • Up to 3 compressors per circuit

Technical specifications

LER units are air conditioning or process fluid conditioning units conceived for both residential and industrial use and designed to operate 24 hours a day. They cover a wide range of heating capacities, from 40 to 420 kW, guaranteeing a high thermodynamic efficiency and broad configurability, both in terms of accessories and cooling circuits. The LER units are developed in a completely enclosed version for a low noise operation making it possible to install them in non-segregated environments. They are characterized by a rounded shape contributing to an attractive appearance. The possibility of keeping the evaporator indoors means there is no need to add glycol to the water inside the system, which brings clear benefits in terms of thermodynamic efficiency, protection against corrosion and respect for the environment. In addition, you can keep all components requiring routine or special maintenance in an easily accessible room. The technical innovations of this product are summarized in the following list: - No need to add glycol to the water in the user circuit - Electronically controlled electric expansion valve - High EER (Coefficient of Performance) of the thermodynamical cycle - Reduced refrigerant charge - Occupy a small surface area (powers up to 153 kW/m2) - Innovative aesthetics and total safety, given that the chillers are completely enclosed - Low noise indoor, thanks to the double sound insulation in the low-noise versions

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