MCI 5 - 19 kW

Compact Packaged heat pumps with BLDC compressor

BLDC rotary compressor

R-410A refrigerant

Cooling / Heating

Packaged unit

Axial fan

3-way external valve management

DHW/Cold/ hot water production

Available versions

  • 6 models
  • Heat pump

Product advantages

  • EC Hydraulic pump
  • Twin-rotary compressor driven by an electric BLDC motor
  • EC Axial fan
  • Advanced system management and adjustment strategies
  • Access to tax deductions

Technical specifications

MCI is a range of heat pumps consisting of 5 unit sizes and 6 models, equipped with a state-of-the-art inverter compressor capable of efficiently meeting the cooling or thermal power requirements of residential or light commercial buildings.
All models, that access to tax deductions prouded for by actual law, takes full advantage of some of the most innovative HVAC technologies: in fact, all the units are full-inverter and the extended use of electrical motors with permanent magnets driven by inverters with direct current, even for the accessory components – such as fans and water circulators – drastically reduces electrical power consumption and minimizes it under every operating condition, ensuring an energy efficiency level that puts them solidly in class A+ or A++. Thanks to the advanced management strategies that have been implemented, the control electronics integrate the functioning of the units’key components, thereby optimizing interaction between the main parts: compressor, fan, and water circulator.

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